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The Learning Pyramid
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The Career Elevator™ System

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Leadership and Management Development

Rapid Skill-Builder™ facilitator resources include a fully scripted workshop presentation with 15 to 16 animated full color projectable slides to use with each module in the series. These come with a full presentation support script with learning dicussions and exercises that can be run.

In the E-Learning and Mobile Learning (iPod) formats, facilitator support to the slide presentation is provided by full narration by an expert trainer.

In addition, facilitators have a full video support booklet that includes trainer tips and transcripts of both the host and vignette video scripts.




Rapid Skill-Builder™ Titles
(click each to learn more)
Assertiveness Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Time Management
Personal Effectiveness
Learning Styles
Influencing Others
Telephone Service Excellence
Stress Management
Goals & Objectives
Team Communication
Conflict Resolution
Meeting Management
Complaint Handling
Problem Solving
Delegation Skills
Negotiating Skills
Diversity & Cultural Awareness
Managing Poor Performance
Corporate Ethics
Sales Effectiveness
Presentation Skills
Creativity & Innovation
Customer Service
Risk Management
Change Management
Team Building

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