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The Career Elevator™ System

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Leadership and Management Development

Hear what others are saying about the Rapid Skill-Builder™ series...


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"Our employees have made extensive use of the Rapid Skill-Builder™ booklets on-line to help them with personal development as a simple but effective way to reinforce learning after attending internal management and interpersonal skill building workshop programs."

Michael Wolfe, VP Human Resources, California National Bank

“The Rapid Skill-Builder™ series is an efficient way to get employees up-to-speed in foundational skills they may need work on. In addition to regular training, we also use the program in the annual performance appraisal system so employees have somewhere to go to fill gaps and build skills each year. The E-learning option allowed us to offer the same training options to our remote locations without them having to come into the home office to attend training and for a low fee."

Judith Becker, HR Manager, Transamerica

“Your competency-based booklets provide just-in-time, comprehensive overviews that our employees use to build their skills and knowledge one step at a time. Our managers love the Rapid Skill-Builder™ materials because they can refer employees to sound resource guides that can be applied back on the job every day. And the booklets are short and can be read and absorbed in one session which makes them popular with employees who are daunted with the task of absorbing a lot of information at once!"

Helen Lewis, HR Director, Health-net

“Rapid Skill-Builders® are fresh and up-to-date. The video material isn’t old and dated – rather, it looks both recent and relevant. Our trainers find the courses easy-to-deliver and comprehensive. Our managers like it that their employees are in session only about 3 hours, rather than all day, and employees have shown that they can apply what they learned the same day with the re-usable, online templates. We see ‘training transfer’ right away to real workplace challenges.”

Anne Valenzuela-Smith, Business Manager, Los Angeles Unified School District

“We found it easy to customize Rapid Skill-Builder™ modules using our own workplace situations, examples and processes. With a limited training budget we found we could still offer dozens of topics and stretch our training investment further than we could with other programs."

Mary Ellen Schubel, HR Director, City of Norwark



Rapid Skill-Builder™ Titles
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Assertiveness Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Time Management
Personal Effectiveness
Learning Styles
Influencing Others
Telephone Service Excellence
Stress Management
Goals & Objectives
Team Communication
Conflict Resolution
Meeting Management
Complaint Handling
Problem Solving
Delegation Skills
Negotiating Skills
Diversity & Cultural Awareness
Managing Poor Performance
Corporate Ethics
Sales Effectiveness
Presentation Skills
Creativity & Innovation
Customer Service
Risk Management
Change Management
Team Building

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