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The Career Elevator™ System

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Leadership and Management Development

The Rapid Skill-Builder™ series has several components to the program split into those that are aimed at the participant and those that are aimed at the facilitator.

For the Participant

Apart from the video, the primary participant resource is a 12-page full color summary Rapid Skill-Builder™ booklet on the topic that offers practical information so that individuals can quickly apply the theory. In addition, each booklet is supported by a template that is used to record notes and develop a plan to exercise the skill being taught.

For the Facilitator

Facilitator resources include a fully scripted workshop presentation with 16 to 17 color projection-ready animated slides. These come with a full presentation support script with learner discussions and exercises that can be run. In addition, facilitators have a full video support booklet that includes trainer tips and transcripts of both the host and vignette video scripts.



Rapid Skill-Builder™ Titles
(click each to learn more)
Assertiveness Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Time Management
Personal Effectiveness
Learning Styles
Influencing Others
Telephone Service Excellence
Stress Management
Goals & Objectives
Team Communication
Conflict Resolution
Meeting Management
Complaint Handling
Problem Solving
Delegation Skills
Negotiating Skills
Diversity & Cultural Awareness
Managing Poor Performance
Corporate Ethics
Sales Effectiveness
Presentation Skills
Creativity & Innovation
Customer Service
Risk Management
Change Management
Team Building

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